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Dear Birthmother

Thank you for taking the time to look through our pictures and learn a little bit about our family. We know it has required a lot of courage and love for you to consider adoption. We sympathize with you at this difficult time. Selecting a family with whom you will entrust your child's future must be a hard decision and a tremendous responsibility. We know you are considering this choice because the circumstances in your life are such that you feel adoption is in the best interest of your child. Most importantly, we know you love your baby and it is this love that has helped you consider this decision. We hope that you will find peace in whatever decision you make. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. As you look thru our photos we hope you will feel the love we have for each other. This love will continue to grow stronger day by day. With your help, we can make all our dreams come true.

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Our Story

Kendra's comments: I will never forget the day I met my soulmate. Don and I both work in the commercial industry. He produces commercials and I book models and talent for commercials. So as you can imagine we met on a shoot. It was pretty much love at first sight which is crazy because we are both so different. I am a class clown that can get along with pretty much anybody. He is more reserved. He is a super outdoors man, loves to hike, climb and run. I love the outdoors especially via 4 wheeler or SeaDoo. I love to shop- he would rather run a marathon. He loves to cook, I love to eat. I love video games and he'd rather be outside watching grass grow. I love to text, he rarely knows where his cell phone is. He likes to make bets on stuff he thinks he knows, I love to collect his money on the bets he never knows. He wakes us at 5 am every morning and walks the dogs, I then snuggle with the dogs when they get home. He is allergic to cats, I have always had cats since I was a little girl. I love spicy hot mexican food, he thinks mild at Del Taco is hot. The one thing we can always agree on is the love we have for each other. We are both excellent communicators and rarely argue. When we do fight I of course win. :0)

Don's Comments: Several years ago, a pretty red-haired girl came to my office at work. Kendra was a talent agent and she was assigned my company's account. For years we worked together as professional colleagues. Dealing with talent for the TV spots and video's that I produced was one of my least favorite things in the world to do. Kendra was an incredible help because she took all that responsibility off of me. For years we worked together and along with taking work off my plate I enjoyed being around Kendra because she is so funny and spontaneous. She's not afraid to have a good laugh, or to laugh at me or herself! Eventually we started dating. It wasn't long after that before I realized I had known for years the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. We married less than a year later and it has been a wonderful time in my life. Our lives compliment each others in so many ways. I've learned from her and I think she has learned from me. Life is never perfect or easy. But living with a beautiful red-haired girl, that I know I'll love forever sure makes things easier!


If anyone knows more about Kendra than I do, I would be surprised. And I know that no one has a more honest relationship with each other than Kendra and I. This is what I can tell you about her. She was born and raised in New Mexico. As a result, she can't stand the cold and she is often bundled up, even on a warm day! That makes Vegas the perfect place for us to live. She finished first grade when she should have been finishing kindergarden. She's always been a couple years ahead in school. She's a smart one. She couldn't decide what to major in in college so she had a double major of Biology and Psychology. I wouldn't say she has all the brains in the family but she is definitely smart about tons of things that I am not. That in and of itself makes us a great match. Yin and Yang so to speak. She was single when she bought her first home and first car. She's not afraid to try anything on her own, especially if it is something she has an interest in. She's started two successful business' of her own. That is not an easy task. If she is committed to it, she will succeed at it, even if she has to learn about it as she goes. She is a people person and people of all ages are naturally attracted to her. Her contagious smile and humorous disposition make her a fun person to be around. Smart, funny and good looking! What's not to like? And she shares my affinity with yellow labs and has taught me that cats are cool. She helps add fun to my life by planning fun vacations to exotic places that include me and my kids. She loves them and they all get along great. Did I mention she is funny? Again, life is good, especially when we can find a way to laugh about anything.



Who better to introduce you to Don then me.. I think I know him better then he knows himself. ;0) He was raised in Montana, served a mission in New Zealand. Graduated from BYU with a Bachelors of Arts in Communication. He is an amazing father to 4 children. One of the reasons I fell in love with him was because of the joy and happiness he expressed when he talked about his kids. I have never seen a father more devoted to his children. He has such a special relationship with each of them and I can not wait to raise another amazing daughter with him. He is so loving and kind. He does crazy things like climbing mountains and doing triathlons. He even did an Ironman a few years back. He is in better shape then anyone I know. I get tired just watching him. In the last couple years he has climbed Denali and Aconcagua. He has a dream of climbing the 7 Highest Peaks in the World. I support him in his adventures and I am always so happy when he returns home to me. No one is perfect and I guess you should know his negative side as well. ;0) He never stops, We'll go to the cabin to relax and he's out and about doing things that make me tired to watch. He's like the energizer bunny. He can be cranky after a long day. He hates going shopping, it's the only thing I seem to be better at than him. He has little quirks here and there, but I can honestly say he is my best friend and I couldn't ask for a better husband to share my life with. He is always there when I need a shoulder to cry on. I love him with all my heart and I know if you take the opportunity to meet him you will fall in love with his compassion and zest for life.


Meet Our Family

Kendra's comments: I am so blessed to be a stepmother to 4 wonderful children. Travis (23) moved in with us when he was 16. Don and I had just returned home from our honeymoon and we were so excited to have him with us. He is such a loving son. So full of spirit and adventure. He has taught me so much about unconditional love and I am so grateful for him and the love he shows me. Chrisanne (21) is the sweetest daughter. She is so thoughtful of others and so beautiful inside and out. She is an amazing teacher and will be an incredible sister to your baby girl. She has nothing but love to share. Ty (19) is the entrepreneur of the family. He has his dad's demeanor and shares his adventure for life. He loves to snowboard and wakeboard and is always up to experience any other extreme sport. He is also so loving and such a happy go lucky spirit. Trey (turning 17) is so kind hearted and loving. He lives with his mom so we don't get to see him as much as we'd like. He has his dads work ethic as well as his love of adventure. In fact Don is taking his boys to climb Mt. Rainer this summer.

Don's Comments: They say that being a step-parent is one of the hardest parent skills to learn. As with many of the other things that Kendra has set her mind to be successful at, she made up her mind early in our marriage to be a successful step mom. It hasn't always been easy but I have to say I think she has done it! So much of our relationships with our children come to us as they grow up in a home with the parents. Kendra did not have that relationship from that time together so she took the time to build it with each child from scratch. She was immediately a soccer mom, a wrestling mom, a Scout mom and a Cheerleading mom. She learned what they liked to eat and what they did. She learned how they liked to dress and she learned about their beliefs in God and family. She took the time and energy to plan trips for us so we could spend time together. We took pictures of everything and she helped document their lives by make special scrapbook pages for all of them. She gave them advice through their tough times, encouraged them when they were down and always made time to laugh and have fun together. And in many situations, I think she helped them to understand me better, because no one knows me better than she does. They say the family that plays together stays together. Well this family is going to last forever because we not only play, but we laugh and eat and celebrate and vacation and pray and do about everything else there is to do, together.

Our Furry Kids

I can't imagine what life would be like without pets. We have 2 dogs and a very spolied cat. Well our cat is more like a dog if you ask me. She fetches, begs for scrapes and is always up for a walk. And our dogs are of course the most amazing dogs anyone has ever had. ;0) I think their pictures speak for themselves.

One of the things Kendra and I disagree on...if she could, she would let the dogs and the cat all sleep on our bed at night. She can snuggle up in between them. It's a king size bed and there is plenty of room but they hog the bed and end up taking more than their fair share of space. But they are spoiled. Thank goodness they aren't allowed on cruise ships!

Vacations, Free Time

We do love to vacation and enjoy our free time. I am a big fan of cruising. On Princess Cruise lines I currently have 34 cruises under my belt. I love everything about it. Our kids have also fallen in love with cruising. We try and take one or two a year during school breaks. We also love going to the beach house in San Diego and to our cabin in Utah. We have so many wonderful family memories there.

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